A citizen of the 33rd district shares his displeasure with Espada.

Last night I was in Crotona Park, in the Bronx, spreading the word about some of the disgraceful things that Pedro Espada has done during his last few years in office.

Fever Records

I was handing out leaflets to the 300 or so people who came out on a muggy Thursday evening to see a concert celebrating the 30th anniversary of Fever Records (a Latin/ hip-hop fusion label).

The crowd was energetic and (I was a little surprised at this) really receptive to the flyers I was handing out. Of all the people I approached, only one had anything good to say about the Senator (he happened to be a cousin of his) and many people told me that they wanted to see Espada in jail. “I knew it from the beginning,” one woman told me, “that man is a thief.” Based on

what I saw last night, the future looks good for Gustavo Rivera; Perdo Espada’s constituents are simply sick of all the disgraceful things he’s done.

–Phil Hoffman

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