On day of the petition and campaign fundraising filings, NRI steps up leafleting operations against Espada

NEW YORK – New Roosevelt Initiative will continue its field operations against disgraced incumbent State Senator Pedro Espada on Thursday evening, July 15th leafleting at Crotona Park in Espada’s Bronx district. Thursday marks the deadline for both petition and campaign fundraising filings in the campaign as NRI endorsed candidate Gustavo Rivera becomes the most serious challenger to Espada in the 33rd district primary race.

Bill Samuels and NRI volunteers will be distributing leaflets to potential primary voter at a free concert at Crotona Park in Bronx and reminded voters of the disgrace incumbent State Senator Pedro Espada has brought to the district.

The flyer questions Espada’s priorities and reminds voters of the following facts:

  • Getting sued for allegedly looting $14 million from non-profit health clinics;
  • Pocketing $1.5 million meant for job training;
  • Taking cash from rich landlords, then opposing renters’ rights; and
  • Betraying Democrats by joining Republicans to shut down the state government in 2009

WHAT: New Roosevelt volunteers leaflet against Pedro Espada

WHEN: Thursday, July 15th – 6-9 PM EST

WHERE: At Free Summer Concert in Crotona Park located at Crotona Avenue & Claremont Parkway, Bronx

Samuels, who was an active candidate for Lieutenant Governor until recently, founded the New Roosevelt Initiative to help identify and support the next generation of progressive leaders.   The initiative is a multiyear effort to raise money for insurgent candidates who will reform Albany and end the culture of corruption.

Samuels and the New Roosevelt Initiative have made the defeat of Pedro Espada their first and highest priority in the long term effort to bring true reform to Albany and create the best state legislature in the nation.   To support Rivera, New Roosevelt will continue to build a strong grassroots operation in the district, and build a broad coalition of like minded progressive groups who will bring added strength and expertise to the campaign.

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