Do You Want to Help Reform Albany? Join Our Team and Become a Volunteer! This is An Opportunity for You to Make a Difference in Your Community. We Need Your Help in Order to get the New York State Government Back on Track and Return it to Greatness.

Here are a few pictures of our Volunteers hard at work in the Bronx during the week of August 8th engaging voters and distributing “Don’t Vote for Espada” leaflets.

Volunteers left to right: Angel Gonzalez, Jack Marth, Wendoly Marte

We want your help as a Volunteer if you live within commuting distance from the Bronx and are comfortable speaking out and approaching people.

How do you become a Volunteer? It’s easy! To sign-up click Volunteer.

There is no pressure! You can volunteer for as many hours as you can commit to the New Roosevelt Initiative.

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