New York, NY – Today with the surrender of former Democratic lawmaker Hiram Monserrate to federal authorities on charges of using a charity he controlled to run for public office, New York voters are again reminded why we need to continue the fight to reform Albany. Monserrate was disgraced State Senator Pedro Espada’s co-conspirator in the Republican deal to have the lawmakers switch parties bringing gridlock to Albany in the summer of 2009. And when Monserrate attempted to return to Albany by running for the Assembly, New Roosevelt stood up and backed his opponent Francisco Moya who defeated him in the September primary.

And even though Democrats erred in allowing both Espada and Monserrate to return to the party, since then, Democrats have successfully purged these corrupt lawmakers from their ranks. With the election two weeks away, there is a slate of women reform candidates, such as Mary Wilmot in Rochester, Joanne Yepsen in Albany and Susan Savage in Schenectady, who can oust Republicans who were complicit in that backdoor deal and bring change and reform back to Albany.

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