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State Sen. Pedro Espada, Jr. says Andrew Cuomo is the driving force behind a push to get him ejected from the Democratic Party.

Cuomo says Bronx landlords discriminated against African-American tenants.

But he won’t go so far as to commit to 401Ks for state workers.

His ex-wife, Kerry Kennedy, hasn’t ruled out running for public office someday, but for now, she’s voting for the Democratic AG for governor.

And his running mate, Bob Duffy, will headline a fundraiser for the reform-focused New Roosevelt Initiative.

Whatever happened to budget reform in Albany?

Ex-state Sen. Hiram Monserrate took his lady, Karla Giraldo, out for a romantic evening on the town.

Tough times for Wall Street mean tough fundraising times for Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Meet Mayor Bloomberg’s secret weapon: Brad Tusk.

As usual, the city Board of Elections says it’s short on cash for this year’s votes.

Gov. Paterson will deliver more than 6,000 vetoes to the Legislature today.

Richard Lipsky discusses the “selective outrage” of the Democratic Party.

New York consumer confidence stinks, says Siena.

Maghabe: The proposed (near) Ground Zero mosque as wedge issue.

Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy lives (despite that official-looking fake email saying he doesn’t.)

The Sampsonmobile is one pricey ride.

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